Travel: road to Isparta

I live in Turkiye for two months now and gradually trying to explore surroundings of Antalya. Two days ago friends invited me and my family to watch lavender fields not far from Isparta (Antalya, Turkiye). I’m not a big fan of the lavender, but agreed because I love trips and we’ve never been in that part of the region.

Somehow, in my mind Turkiye was never associated with the place of beautiful nature. The picture of a huge sea resort packed with hotels, diverse Istanbul with its mosques, and Kapadokya with many air balloons, was formed by previous conversations with many hotel tourists, Instagram and news promoting Turkiye resorts.

However, this trip changed my perception a lot. I saw fascinating views of mountains, valleys, lakes, fields and rivers. It challenged my confidence in how much I know about this and many other countries.

Sharing some pieces of that beauty with you. Maybe it will change your mind too and inspire to travel into that beautiful country beyond the sea shore.

Travel bits: Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is one of the few countries vaccinating tourists from COVID. Few weeks ago I went to Zagreb to get EU vaccine. Unfortunately, those vaccines are not available in Russia, and vaccines available in Russia are not recognized by EU or US entities. But that post is not about vaccination in Croatia, it’s about beauty of Zagreb and some bits I was able to catch during the journey.

As usual, I don’t give any comments to images because I believe you’ll better build your own impression, but if you have questions, please ask in comments under the post.

City views