Hey! I’m Vasily Belolapotkov – happy Team Wrangler at Automattic, mentor, and software development best practices enthusiast.

In this blog, I write about professional software development, leadership, books I read, and a bit about my own life.


Today developers have a lot of technologies, frameworks, tools, and methodologies to choose from. Here is my choice of principles to follow and tools to create apps.


Clean code

Source code indeed has a lot in common with an article or a book. Both are expressing ideas with a language. Like an editor who is working with a text, I perform code refactoring to make it clean, organized, and easy to read. Clean code saves time and effort on app development, maintenance, and improvement.


I belong to the group of enthusiasts who believe that an app must have tests. Testing ensures the key features are working as expected and new features are not breaking anything in the app. That is why I’m following a Test Driven Development methodology.

Version control

Any software product is alive and always has moving parts like requirements, features, bugs, etc. The version control system is a key to success in keeping source code under control. I worked with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab in various projects and am comfortable with any of them.

Tech stack

HTML | CSS | Less | JavaScript | ES6 | PHP

React | Redux | jQuery | Semantic-UI | Material-UI | Bootsrtap | WP components

Meteor | Node.js | WordPress | Express | Gatsby | MongoDB | MySQL

Mocha | Jest | Puppeteer

AWS | Docker | Heroku | Nginx

GitHub Actions | Travis CI | GitLab CI

Want to get in touch with me? That’s fantastic!

Feel free to write me an email belolapotkov.v@gmail.com