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Success diary – a simple tool with multiple powers

Are you lacking confidence? Don’t feel satisfied with your daily progress? Struggling with providing positive feedback to your reports, peers, or managers? You should try success diary practice! Every day, even the tough one, has positive moments and elements of success. Training yourself to spot it can help you in many ways!

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Today: blogging in the bar

I’m blogging in the lobby bar while on vacation in Turkey. Not writing anything specific today but exploring community by reading other bloggers. Here are the few posts I read:Taking the top of your head offDo we need innovation in education?How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum

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Mind shift: from engineer to lead

There is a significant difference between individual contributor and team lead roles. The lead’s focus is on multiplying a compound value delivered by the team, rather than accomplishing something on their own. So the mind shift is necessary to transition into a leadership role successfully.

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Book review: A higher standard

In the book, Ann Dunwoody describes her journey within the US Army starting from the very beginning to the highest rank ever achieved by a female person at times of her service. Along the way, she shares a great number of thoughts and examples of both good and poor leadership encountered during the years of an outstanding career. 

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