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My blogging experiment

This is my second attempt to start blogging on a regular basis, but this time it’s more about writing and creating content for the audience rather than building a personal blog with fancy frameworks for developers. Keep reading for more details and ideas behind this blogging experiment.

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Travel: road to Isparta

The trip to Isparta changed my perception of the Turkiye. In the post you’ll find some of the many natural beauties I was able to catch just by driving to the destination.

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Getting back to blogging, again

Life struck back, and I dropped blogging, not the first time in my life. It took some time to digest and cope with the events of last months, so I’m ready for another attempt to blog. There is a little bonus within the post – one leadership lesson I learned recently.

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Leaders of the world, STOP WAR!

This blog is about leadership, tech and my personal life, but I can’t write about that ignoring the conflict going on in Ukrain these days. It’s terrible and wrong, it’s devastating physically and emotionally for those who feel powerless to stop it and magnitude worse for those who are directly involved 😢 In my opinion,…

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Getting back to blogging

Life is generous for surprises of all flavors. Life has happened to me, so I had to drop the blogging experiment for a month to digest the life. You can read more about my adventures in the post, or stay tuned for more content.

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