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My blogging experiment

This is my second attempt to start blogging on a regular basis, but this time it’s more about writing and creating content for the audience rather than building a personal blog with fancy frameworks for developers. Keep reading for more details and ideas behind this blogging experiment.

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Book review: Indistractable

Being indistractable is a superpower of people leaving happy lives according to their own values and beliefs. In his book, Nir Eyal gives everything you need to understand and gain that power to change your own life for the better.

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Happy New Year! 🎄

I won’t wish you anything specific, because only you know what you want in the upcoming year. Think about it, imagine it, and let it come true! Happy New Year! 🥳

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Now: Dec 26th, 2021

“Now” – the magic moment in time which will never happen twice in your life. It’s shared by billions of people on Earth but still unique for every individual. In this post, I want to capture my very own “now” and share it with you. It’s all about me and my life, so proceed reading if you are interested in day-to-day details. As always, it’s ok to skip if you are not at that place now.

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My 2021 insights

2021 is getting to the end and it’s a good time to reflect a bit on what happened during the last 12 months. So did I with the help of my coach and want to share a couple of interesting bits of it.

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Book review: The Manager’s Path

This is a very good guide on how the individual’s journey could look like in the tech company if they choose to follow the management track. It has plenty of management wisdom yet is delivered in a lightweight way giving directions for further in-depth exploration. Personally, I was very impressed by the density and quality of the thoughts in the book, so I will encourage every team member to read at least the first several chapters. Thank you, Camille, for this book!

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