This page contains links to resources and tools I used before and liked, hence can recommend you as well.


Those are the blogs I really like and try to follow:

  • – tech blog by Kent C. Dodds, mostly focused on React, JavaScript Testing and other related things.
  • – blog by my colleague Paolo Belcastro who is very experienced leader and shares lots of great stuff about remote work, time management, system resilience, personal scalability and more.
  • – more than just a blog about SW architecture, agile, refactoring and more.
  • – fresh travel blog about a pair who visited 49 national parks in US.


Virtual bookshelf with the best books I read in the past:XX

Learning & trainings

Collaboration & PRODUCTIVITY tools

  • Alfred – Spotlight on steroids 🙂
  • TextExpander – text snippets.
  • – shared coding environments.
  • VS Code Live Share – built in feature of VS Code for live collaboratoin and paired programming.
  • Roam – note taking tool with powerful linking features. Haven’t tried it yet though.

Dev Tools

I won’t list any very popular apps like IDEs or Docker, but rather add smaller utilities making devs life easier.

Installed apps